The Growing Tree  Project

Long term support for youth and whanau

The 'Growing Tree Project' is a long term support system and relationship with the Kiwi Family Trust and a youth and their family. We have worked with some youths for over 6 years now, providing them stability, consistancy and support as they grow and develop. Here are some of the ways we help.
  • Advocate for children/youths through the social welfare system.
  • Taking them to support appointments; counsellors, doctors etc 
  • Meeting with their schools to advocate and bridge the communication gap. 
  • Supporting families/whanau around strategies to keep everyone safe in the home.
  • Taking them on camps and holidays, providing them with socially normal life experiences.
  • Doing respite care for the youths when necessesary,this includes helping to to learn household skills and regulation of emotion.
  • Helping them to build strong social bonds with other peers through our youth club and holiday programmes.
  • Funding weekly activiites to help them learn new skills and to build confidence.
  • Taking phone calls and texts from the youths and their families 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can Help

  • Can you offer a warehouse or Kmart voucher for clothes and school supplies.
  • Are you able to help us with a grocery voucher for respite food. 
  • Would you be able to provide a petrol voucher to help with  transport costs
  • ​Are you able to support one youth/whanau for $100 per month
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List of needs for the growing tree project

We are committed to the youth and whanau we support in the project and it does take resources to survive. Here is a list of expenses we have to run this project. 
  • Clothing basics, shoes, undies, socks, sweatshirts, trackpants, warm weather and summer wear.
  • School uniform, school bags, lunch boxes, water bottles
  • Eye Glasses, 
  • Petrol, bus money  and transport costs
  • Activities costs for after school and at weekends
  • Food, lunches, dinners, breakfasts for respite care
  • Support worker costs, mentoring costs to help teach skills and take care of the youths in respite.
  • Phone costs, supplying cell phones and cell phone credit where necessary.

Their stories

Devon has been part of the Kiwi Family Trust for more than 6 years now, and he first started on a kids camp when he was 10. He had very little confidence to speak of, and a difficult road ahead. Over the many years we have seen Devon emerge into a confident, self secure, emotionally and mentally developed young adult with a range of skills and a defined personality.
This year Devon completed a course at the Army base in Burnham, Canterbury. He achieved a lot in the time he was there, including losing 10kg which was his goal, and gaining more focus, more physicality and more discipline so he can take those skills with him into the work force.  Below is Devon during his March off drill at Burnham Military Camp 2018.
We are very proud of Devon and his commitment to himself and his community. We are proud of all his achievements to date and the many more to come. This young man now is a Youth Camp Leader and a very good one too. He also volunteers for Xmas wrapping at the malls and helping out where he can. GOOD SORT!