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Food support

Kiwi Family Trust child advocay

Kiwi Family Trust can provide food parcels via 0800 Hungry Ministries trust. We pick up food parcels on a thursday and deliver them back to the Kiwi Family Trust where you can pick them up from, or in case of disabilty or isolation we can arrange to drop it off to you directly.
Please ring Katrina before Wednesdays at 12.00pm 
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School shoes

Kiwi Family Trust provide young people with the opportunity to experience the great out-doors, socialisation, empowerment, confidence and so much more. 
  • Advocate for children/youths through the social welfare system.
  • Giving advice about a child protection concern that you may have.
  • Educating, schools, organisations, community, family/whanau about what child protection is.
  • Supporting families/whanau around strategies to keep everyone safe in the home.
Kiwi Family Trust Youth camps
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First year of life support - Little Sprouts

Kiwi Family Trust is proud to be a community referral agency for Little Sprouts and the work they do. For our most at risk and in need soon to be parents, there is support availible.
Little sprouts off a very comprehensive first year of life package. 
Kiwi family Trust Training
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