Serving the community

Child Advocacy

Kiwi Family Trust has two qualified child-protection-specialists. Here are some key ways we can assist the community within a child protection role.
  • Advocate for children/youths through the social welfare system.
  • Giving advice about a child protection concern that you may have.
  • Educating, schools, organisations, community, family/whanau about what child protection is.
  • Supporting families/whanau around strategies to keep everyone safe in the home.
Kiwi Family Trust child advocay
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Youth Camps

Kiwi Family Trust provide young people with the opportunity to experience the great out-doors, socialisation, empowerment, confidence and so much more. 
  • Empower and build self esteme, self respect by engaging in group outdoor activities.
  • Increasing socialisation for youths who struggle to make and maintain friends.
  • Rewarding youths with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills.
  • Supporting youths to engage with the community, the outdoors and learn about conservation and the world around them.
Kiwi Family Trust Youth camps
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Personal Development Training

Kiwi Family Trust runs a variety of courses and training programmes all centered around learning new and useful life skills and personal development tools to help with everyday life. 
  • 3 day Empowering Positive Change 18+
  • 1 day Clear Communication 18 +
  • 5 day Empowering Youth Programme 13 - 18
  • 4 day Empowering Parents Programme 18+
  • 4 hour or 1 day Empowering Teams (organisations/companies)
  • one on one Self- Empowerment Skills Programme
Kiwi family Trust Training
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Family/Whanau, Youth & Individual Theraputic Mentoring - Life Coaching

Kiwi Family Trust Mentoring
Kiwi Family Trust have two family/whanau, youth and personal mentors available. The sessions are for 1 hour time frames with the first session being 1.5 hours. Here are some of the reasons people choose to have mentoring. 
  • To help with communication within the family unit
  • For support with making decisions
  • Working out what the next steps to take in life
  • Supporting youth with their feelings, thoughts and actions
  • safely express concerns, worries  and worn-out thought patterns that are keeping people stuck
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Each Kiwi Family Trust mentor has over 15 years personal development experience. Also each mentor is able to provide a tool box of skills such as:
  • SFBT -solution focused brief therapy
  • CBT -cognitive behavioural therapy  
  • Trauma interventions
  • DBT - dialectical behaviour therapy
  • ACT - acceptance and committment based therapy