About us

We are walking the walk

Kiwi Family Trust was formed in January 2002, and is a registered incorporated charitable Trust with the aim of Helping People to Help Themselves. The Kiwi Family Trust is governed by a trust board with 5 members. The Trust board meets quarterly to discuss and agree to the agenda  maintained by our CEO and General Manager. The board has a governance role to adhere to, which is of vital importance to the performance of the Trust.

  • Charities Commission Website  http://www.charities.govt.nz/ Charities Commission number  CC11075

The Key Purpose of our organisation

The key purposes of the Organisation are:
  • To develop and maintain services for training and education to promote the health and welfare of children, youths, young adults and family/whanau throughout New Zealand.
  • To provide training and services to promote the health and welfare of children, youths, young adults and family/whanau throughout New Zealand.
  • To encourage and support services in the community which meet any of the previously mentioned objectives.
  • To encourage and support organisations which provide services to reduce suicide, accident and abuse of children, youths, young adults, men and women.

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Governance - Trust Board

Kiwi Family Trust has a trust board that sit for a meeting once per month. we have 4 members on our board at this current time. We have a mix of male and female, age ranges and experinces but one thing is in common and that is their beleif, trust and commitment to the work the trust does and the ethics of the delievery of services. For privacy reasons we have not displayed their pictures and private emails as these are people with families, lives, careers etc. In the past we have been spamed heavily for putting email addresses up on our website. If you do have any questions please dont hesitiate to call Nelson Soper on 0211901684 about the role of trustee and how to apply etc. 
  • ​All our memebers of the baord are not paid for their role, they comtribute freely their time and ideas and input. The trust baord is respnsible for making strategic decisions, approving funding and community contributions. 
  • All members are police checked, and have to prove themselves good character, community awareness.
  • We dont descriminate based on health and disability. 

How we are funded

Kiwi Family Trust is not government funded. we rely on the generosity of the general public and small businesses to support us through donations via the 0900 donation lines, cheque, credit card and gifting product. 

  • The trust employees people to work in the fundraising center from all walks of life. We aim to help people that are returning to work, recovering from disibility, mental health and chronic health conditions, back into a supportive work environment. 
  • We have paid staff and volunteers also - pictured right is Richard, he has volunteered with us for 13 years and counting.